Customize your iPhone X device with Cydiamate

Having an iPhone X is great for you to have all the recent features of iPhone operating system with you. How great it will be when you combine with Cydia tweaks and jailbreak features? So in this guide, we are going to let you know how to customize your iPhone X device with Cydiamate? Here we go? Do not miss any single detail.


What is Cydiamate?

In fact, Cydiamate is an alternative to the official Cydia app. Though Cydia has been introduced by Jay Freeman, this is just a third-party app store by a well-known developer in the community. There are thousands of similar apps in the market. But we cannot make certain that each and every simple and easy to use. Some of those are heavy. But, Cydiamate is a simple utility. It has been developed for one and all. While some apps have hidden conditions and so on that put users in troubles, this is completely free and concerned for the betterment of the user.

Cydiamate for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

As everyone knows, Cydiamate is the best ever utility for users to gain everything behind jailbreak, but completely without jailbreak their beloved devices. The app contains a heap of tweaks, hacked applications plus apps that Apple app store did not let you enter. There are a couple of reasons why you should count Cydiamate among hundreds of Cydia alternatives.

The first thing is you do not have to become a jailbreaker. Since some people say jailbreak is risky, having this beloved utility would make you risk-free. Moreover, even there is no any jailbreak tool for the certain iOS version, this mate has no any restriction. Even you are with whatsoever edition, you can simply go to the official webpage of the app and download it right away.

Cydiamate for iPhone X

iPhone X is a tremendous release of Apple. And it was the souvenir of 10 years of celebration of iPhone concept. And now, we are going to let you know, how great it will be the combination of iPhone X and Cydiamate. When you are a jailbreaker, but missed the train to jailbreak, no need to worry about remains with a non-jailbreak edition. Navigate to our official page and bring there everything related to jailbreak simply. Furthermore, the best thing is there is no any requirement of a PC. You can simply launch safari and search the app.

How to customize the iPhone X?


Here is a simple guide of installing the app on your iPhone X to customize it.

  • Launch the Safari browser and type
  • Once enter the cite, you can click on the “Cydia download” button
  • And then click Start for the installation procedure
  • Within the next few seconds, the process will end
  • Now you can click on the “Add to home screen” switch to arrange the icon on your Home
  • So now you can click on the app icon to launch it and bring there whatever tweak you desire to use

Wrapping up

Having such a demanding app store is a great opportunity. When we will receive iOS 12, we will be capable to bring Cydia iOS 12 there even without jailbreak thanks to Cydiamate. If you are interested jailbroken features but in a safe manner, this is the best without any doubt.