What you are going to do with iTools 2018?

Just as the time so far, iTools going to continue working for all you in 2018. So there will be super backups, restores, data transfers, vast screen experience with Airplayer, desktop management, file explorer, customization, battery management and more similar with iTools 2018 supporting everyone running iOS 11 firmware. Then here we go for all highlights around iTools in this new era of a lot of iOS updates.

iTools 2018

The release of the iTools happens when the user meets complications in Apple’s own iOS management solution, iTunes. So in simple, iTools is the best ever alternative to iTunes which bundles all of the good of iTunes while dropping down all of the complexes. iTools performs for the all-level user requirements instead of just sticking to the advanced user. So everything there is free and supportive. Then why wait?

What is about iTools 2018?

The latest iTools 2018 Download is now finding under the major update of iTools 4. Just like the time over the past few years, the update of iTools is ready in bringing you the best iOS management in this 2018 as well. The first thing comes to the mind when talking about iTools is its ease of use. And at the same time, all of the expensive features are here for free covering up every single aspect of iOS management.

So in that case, it is an admirable program bringing us benefits even above the Apple’s own solution iTunes. For the more interesting fact, iTools Features even more like Ringtone maker, battery master, Airplayer and more for the ones expecting additions. So in overall, iTools 2018 is a pretty interesting upgrade for the complete need of iPhone, iPad and iPod management which matches best for the update to iOS 11 firmware.

iTools Features for complete iOS Management

iTools 4 brings many of the interesting features to keep fulfilled the complete iOS management. So if you really want to know what are they and how useful they would be in your requirements, here you are the chance to learn all them.

iTools 4 Download

  • Super backups and restore assistance- Backups and restores are so often required. So get faster backups and safe restore help with iTools free
  • Battery Master- With this exclusive feature, you can keep an eye on all the battery status. It will tell you about the temperature, SN value, actual capacity, voltage and more in a precise way
  • iTools Airplayer- This is a nice feature bringing you an immersive screen experience. So you can enjoy sharing through desktop
  • Faster data migrating- If you are planning to change your device, this is a worthy feature to try. In fact, it helps you to migrate your data from older to new easily and safely just like through iTunes
  • Ringtone maker- Among the customization features iTools offers, this is more interesting. In fact, it allows you to easily set ringtones. And at the same time your voice clips, music tracks as the originals
  • File Explorer- File management is one of the essentials for any iDevice. So here iTools makes that true by giving the cleanest and smooth approach

These are not all you get with iTools 2018 Features. So to know all of them, I invite you to take up the chance for the best iOS management on iPhone, iPad or iPod. And with the updates, iTools brings the highest compatibility to iOS 11 firmware addressing all of the needs in keeping fine management.

All in One iOS Management Solution- iTools 4 Download

When iTunes makes you overworked in some sort of functions, the need for iTools turns up. Simply, it is the best alternative management assistant to iTunes bringing support through Mac and Windows. And now with the upgraded version 4.0, everything is simply fine as continued together with additional support for all iPhone, iPad, iPod variants respectively with the firmware take. If you like to know how, here are some of the noticeable facts of iTools 4 Download which promises support to iOS 11, the latest software upgrade from Apple mobile operating system.

iTools 4 Download

iTools can be handled by all of the iOS users. And it is definitely not a deal of jailbroken or not. If you are with a jailbroken or unlocked device, managing the iOS might not be a big trouble through the extensions via Cydia Installer. But if you like take a look on iTools free, you are not restricted the access here as iTools is a software for all iOS management regardless the state of jailbreak.

Why iTools 4 Download?

There are lots of things you can do with your smartphone. But there are times you need the help of the proper desktop management to keep the things under better inspection. So for Apple devices, it is iTunes in the official way. But when you find how hard to deal with iTunes, alternatives start winning attention, just like iTools did.

iTools 4 Download

Comparing to iTunes and other management tools for iOS, iTools Download is in the highest in focus to the best usability. In fact, it is the same concern to the flexibility of the user interface just as much as on the functions. So unlike iTunes, iTools can reach more users with all its ease at the use. It is completely free and supports via both Windows PC and the Mac.

Tips on iTools 4 Windows/Mac

iTools 4 is the latest upgrade of the software that packs additional benefits. And as previous, it runs through Mac and Windows with the system requirements as follows.

  • Windows Vista and XP to Windows 10 latest
  • Mac OS X version 10.7 and up

It is extremely simple to get with the application work. Openly, connect the iPhone, iPad or iPod variant to the desktop PC from and then select “Apps” from which you will switch to the menu section. Then click “Install” located at the bottom and sign IPA file of the app for the installation. If done, it is time to enjoy all the iTools 4 features free and at all at ease.

What makes you choose iTools- iTools 4 Features

As discussed through the content above, iTools packs so much of amazing features to love. And here I take some of them to listing to make you easily decide to install iTools and why.

  • Super backup and restore assistance
  • Advanced Desktop management via iTools 4 Mac and Windows
  • Customization features like Ringtone maker
  • Full app control and file handling with File manager
  • Helpful in firmware upgrades and downgrades
  • Exclusive battery management feature to administrate the state of battery to the date
  • Complete media managing and advanced migrating options and more

iTools 4 Download

The latest iTools 4 Download is compatible with iOS 11 latest addressing all the compatible devices under the major firmware. So with the additional support of all the existing features, enjoy all in one management solution on iPhone, iPad and iPod devices for completely free.