Top Cydia tweaks for Lock Screen

Once again we are here with great dealing jailbreak tweaks. Want to alter your Lock screen? So this is the exclusive list that we arranged for you. Being jailbroken is not just about being boundless. It is all about how you play around Cydia tweaks and themes. So just turn back while waiting for the forthcoming breakout. Either you are broken with Yalu or else the recent extra_recipe. If you feel you are stable. Feel the magic of your Lock screen can do. So here is the whole we captured. Collect these to your most preferable list. Hope you will enjoy.

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CanYouLikeNot is an amazing app among Lock screen Cydia tweaks which are an influential one for those individuals who do not like to see their passcode display behind every single respring of the iDevice. If you hate to see Touch ID behind resprings, this would be the best solution for your to move on.

cydia tweaks

Calendar for Lockscreen 2

Probably some of you worrying of reminds that you scheduled as they just appear on time in accordance with the stock system. How great it would be if you can see them earlier? Everything will become simple. However, the tweak Calendar for Lockscreen 2 is a new app that you can have from your jailbreak apps right now. The importance of using this is to have your schedules on your Lock screen as you will get to know that your plans are getting closer.

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ColorFlow 3

Like to work behind aesthetic- based jailbreak tweaks? Here is one of those which connect to your Lock screen concept. Its movement is simple and that will color your lock display with varies and works on music, page dots and the whole to modify your background either.

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DisplayWeather 10

DisplayWeather 10 will support you for weather informing. Do you want to know exact details of your current location? Then you would probably admire this.

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The CustomLocksscreenDuration works as a handy utility. It let you keep the screen for a long. You can even let it sleep anytime. Just expand its duration or hold the sleepy mode.

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Falcon is the app that opens several pages for you. Within those, you will have useful functionalities. Some of them are a web browser with more features; interface for notes and some more will celebrate.

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This will open a completely new display once it installed. You will see there the Apple pay fingerprint. So it will be the same on every time you visit.


SimpleLSiOS10 is an absolute simple one of Cydia tweaks. You can make things small and have more space on your display.

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Want a new Touch ID button systole? Then you will probably love PassButtonStyle. This has a plenty of styles which randomly appear.

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This is one of the interesting tweaks which we arranged here. WeatherLock will get information from your weather app and will arrange random themes in accordance with. So you can install this if you love to see weather just on your screen.


Desire to see all world clocks you saved at once? Temporal will simply open you them all. Just install and swipe to left or right to see everything.

Spin 10

This is something different. It will just work on the music track that plays. Round sliders that have will redesign its appearance. Moreover, Now Playing switch as well will become new.

cydia tweaks

Though the list is over, you can check out for more.

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