Electra iOS 11.3.1 – Compatible Cydia tweaks list from CoolStar

Have you checked the compatible Cydia tweaks list of iOS 11.3.1? Do not confuse for Electra is not a public utility at this instant. But probably it will be soon. So we are here today to let you know that there is a pre broadcasting of CoolStar about the tweaks list that will unwrap for their future breakout. Once Electra iOS 11.3.1 will become publicize, you will capable to try out these. Here we go.

electra ios 11.3.1

Cydia tweaks of Electra iOS 11.3.1

So it is glad to let you know that CoolStar already unveiled a list of tweaks that users will be able to count with the release of promised Electra update. With this proclamation, we can guess that it is confirmed to offer the third-party Cydia kit that they brought for previous 11.1.2 Electra arrangement. So it is amazing as an early surprise reminding that the tool release is not that far.

However, the newest Cydia package has been noted as applicable for 11.0 – 11.3.1. Moreover, with the unveil that they posted on Twitter, it has been called as the project Repo-unclutter. It seems Modmyi, BigBoss and Zodttd that will filter those ones with iOS 11.0. When you will encounter Electra iOS 11.3.1, you too will capable to count those.

When will Electra 11.3.1 update?

With all current standings, it is important to be acquainted with the certain time frame of release Electra 11.3.1. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to forecast. But we believe we do not have to remain more than few days. Though CoolStar has a deeper project, we are thankful for their hard work in aim at a public breakout.

By the way, we want you to realize that the release date is shady. And we are yet to realize some points once it releases to the spectators.

electra ios 11.3.1

What are the recent updates?

If you were noted that iOS 12 as well slowly getting updated, the third beta arrived at developers a few hours back. So Apple welcome registered developers to test out the OTA or else respective IPSW. As we are the beginning of July, there are few further weeks to go. Though it seems 11.4.1 as well move further, there is no any significant reason to draw it.

If you missed the report we posted about two demonstrations of iOS 12 jailbreak, here is briefly. So there were KeenLab and 360 Vulcan Team with respective demos. While we were excited for Electra iOS 11.3.1, it became a huge bang. However, two demonstrations displayed that the beta 1 of iOS 12 has security holes that even support jailbreaking. But in my point of view, we may not be able to continue them while developers work hard to patch every single instability for a better frame.

Final words

By the way, it is glad to share with you that CoolStar has been approached to the final stages of Electra iOS 11.3.1. So the recent proclamation of Cydia tweaks list is a result of that. Within few further days, we will encounter the utility. Those who are with iOS 11.3.1 will be able to enjoy through jailbroken features thanks to the utility.