Jailbreak iOS 13.1.2 – Which will be the next jailbreak tool?

We are with iOS 13.2 as the latest version of iOS 13.0 array. But there is a list of a couple of non-jailbreak versions that we have to pass as jailbreak users including jailbreak iOS 13.1.2. The 13th operating system currently has a couple of new versions that extended the version array. This is for those who are interested in the approaching jailbreak releases.

jailbreak ios 13.1.2

Chimera and Unc0ver for jailbreak iOS 13.1.2

As we all know, Chimera and Unc0ver tools of CoolStar and Pwn20wnd are the recent jailbreak applications we have. Therefore, we got some of the reports that saying they may be there with jailbreak iOS 13.1.2 as well. Since it is just a rumor, we are not going to confirm that Coolstar or Pwn20wnd will update their tools to iOS 13.0.

With the clarification of Aix0mX about the Checkm8 exploit, we could know that we have a couple of useful exploits that capable to apply behind jailbreaking. But for hackers never unveil exploits that threats the security frame of the OS, there are some further exploits as well that the public never reach. Since Checkm8 was a hardware-based security hole that Apple cannot patch with software updates, it may be able to use even for iOS 13.1.2 jailbreak development as well.

Which will be the next jailbreak tool?

Since iOS 12.4 is the final version that became jailbroken, there are a couple of non-jailbreak versions to count from here. Since Apple recently started iOS 13.2 as the third major version of the array surrounding minor versions, it too will add to the public version list ending the beta array as another non-jailbreak version.

However, what we have to make sure is the jailbreaker who will take the responsibility of the approaching jailbreak release. But the matter is we do not have proper directions to come to certain points. If you are with iOS 13.1.2, you better get to know that you should stay until a hacker confirms that they are ready to set iOS 13.1.2 jailbreak.

There is one significant thing to remind. If you are with iOS 12.4 or earlier jailbroken versions, do not try to reach iOS 13 and its versions that soon before confirm its jailbreak possibility. And we have more to consider in the future including Cydia iOS 13.1.2 or else Sileo app for iOS 13.1.2.

jailbreak ios 13.1.2

Final words

If you are excited about jailbreak iOS 13.1.2 to make sure you know everything we clarified above. According to iOS 13 version array, iOS 13.1.2 is a minor version that brought security fixes and enhancements to the operating system. However, it is a pity to talk about iOS 13.1.2 jailbreak possibility at this instant when there is no single detail about an upcoming jailbreak. In my opinion, there should be a utility that can break the wall of iOS 13 before any higher version. But there is no such a detail at least to begin Cydia download with iOS 13.0. Therefore, we can do nothing except remain for whatever will on our hands.