Download iTools iOS 11 to manage the device properly

After a long test version finally the eleventh Apple iPhone Operating system has launched to the public on the last 19th of September. Of course, within this latest chapter, the Apple developers have introduced more attractive features to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users. On the ground have you upgrade your handset to the latest firmware edition. Of course, if yes, then you need to have a proper way to manage your handset. Really, for that, you can use iTools iOS 11, to easily manage the iDevice.

iTools iOS 11

iOS 11 firmware update in brief

As I noted above the iOS 11 firmware edition has officially launched on the last 19th of September by the Apple developers. Before the public release they, have conduct ten beta editions for the developers and testers. After that, attentively they reached the final stage of the firmware. So, now it is available on the air and the iDevice users have the access to enjoy its features. Haven’t you still upgrade the handset to the iOS 11? Well, then here I have listed down some of the fantastic features you can gain from iOS 11 download.

  • Access to scan QR codes with Camera App
  • Auto-Brightness has moved to Display Accommodations from Display & Brightness
  • Car Play app with new “Do not disturb While Driving Feature”
  • Customizing Control Center with Single screen
  • iMessage features with One-handed KeyBoard, Business chat and more
  • Music App with small lyrics font able to create Apple Music profile and more Map app with Line Guidance and indoor map for Airport and Shopping Mall
  • New home screen animation, new Passcode interface and unlock animation and more on Lock screen and Notification Center
  • Pin your essential Apps
  • Redesigned App Store with new App icon
  • Type to Siri and more natural male and female voice

iTools iOS 11

How to Use iTools iOS 11

Of course, as an iDevice user, you may familiar with the iTunes download.It is the available official way to manage the device.Of course, When we turn to the side of iTunes download most of the iDevice users are not willing to use it. Of course, there were several reasons available for that. Complexity, High capacity, and slow performance, Advertisements, inability to drag and drop files are some of those reasons. Of course, with the arrival of the latest iTools download, you can overcome those limitations.

You have the access to iTools download freely to manage your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Yeas, iTools is available with a Simple user-friendly interface so you can use the utility smoothly. Of course, it is a light tool and no need for high capacity. When compared it work fastly and allow you to drag and drop files. Well,  if you wish to know more about iTools download features, it is located in three main aspects. Device management, Data Management, and Advanced features are them. The below image shows them clearly.

iTools iOS 11

Download iTools version 4

Finally now to manage iTools iOS 11 you can download the iTools version 4 as the latest one. Of course, iTools iOS 11 is compatible with the windows and Mac OS running PCs. So, if you are with Windows XP or later or Mac OS X 10.8 or later then you have the access to enjoy iTools iOS 11 download. Yeah, if you feel any difficulty with the latest iOS 11 firmware then head to iTools and manage the device properly. It will be a super supporter for you.

So, enjoy the features and share your ideas with us.Of course, if there is anything need to be clarified then don’t confuse you can contact us through the allocated Comment section.

iOS 11 beta 9 out, major release will be soon

In this year the to celebrate the 10th iPhone anniversary they have focused to offer the iPhone 08 to the public. And yes, the Apple developers have revealed about their upcoming 11th iPhone Operating System at WWDC 2017.  And just after that rolled out the first developer only beta. Then slowly they have focused to offer several developers and public test versions to polish up the chapter. And finally, they have launched iOS 11 beta 9 as the available latest test chapter. Really, it has left another few days for the final release of this marvelous chapter. Fine, here let we go to have more possible facts.

iOS 11 beta 9

Download iOS 11 beta 9 for developers

After the WWDC, now the Apple Engineers are busy with their upcoming 11th firmware. Of course, as the other previous iPhone OS editions, through this the developer focus to offer more adorable and attractive features for their beloved iDevice users. And in the moment in accordance with the remaining fact, we have noticed that the Apple developers have the focus to enhance the productivity of the iPad devices via this update.  And from the beginning attentively they have focused to stable the chapter. Therefore, they have followed several test editions to the public.

And on last August 31st, they have rolled out the remaining ninth iOS test edition for the developers. Of course, this has launched after few days of the previous developer test version. Therefore, now the registered developers can download iOS 11 beta 9 via the Apple Developer center with the build number 15A5370a. And if anyone successfully installed a proper configuration profile then can have this via the OTA (Over-The-Air) update.

iOS 11 beta 9

What was with iOS 11 beta 9?

At the beginning, apple developers rolled out an iOS developer test edition within two weeks of the time period. Then later they started to roll out the test edition within a week and now after four days of the later one, they have offered another test edition. So, this clues us that now the Apple company is at the door step of the final iOS 11 block buster release. Therefore can you imagine, what will be really inner with the newest test edition?

As like the previous beta version, with the 9th beta, we could not able to find any major out warded visual changes, tweaks, or any other. So, we can guess that, through this update, Apple developers, focused to flatten some existing bugs, smooth the performance and finalize the firmware performance. Anyhow, if you wish to know more about the remaining iOS 11 beta 9 then you can visit Here.

Wind up…

After conclude about the all remaining possible facts, now we can guess that iOS 11 will be another remarkable chapter. Yeah, as we know, through the update, users can enjoy more adorable features in the aspects of Siri, Camera, Lock screen, Notification Center, Map app, Safari and more. Indisputably, this will be an unforgettable chapter for the Pad devices, with the productivity improvements. Really, as I mention above the developers has focused on an iPhone 08 with more fantastic features. And recently they have announced that their September event will be on the Mid of Coming September.

iOS 11 beta 9

So, if you wish to know more about the September event, iOS 11 release date jailbreak possibility and more, then you can stay tuned with us. And if this guide useful for you to gather latest facts, then share it. And we welcome your idea, on the below comment session.